Integrated Energy
Service in the Age of IoT

Low price, deposit-free, virtual, real-time settlement

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Natural Gas

National Network
of 12,000+ Stations

    Various Products

    Diesel, natural gas, urea, motor oil

    Wide Coverage

    35 trunk highways across 87% of land area in China

Worry-Free Refueling

Comprehensive refueling information is easily accessible in the fleet refueling management backend.

  • Digital refueling - no physical cards needed
  • Centralized management of various products
  • Flexible allocation of account balance

Preferential Prices

Centralized purchase at stations selected by Big Data brings lower prices. Invoices can be issued easily for a deduction.

Transparent Billing

Drivers refuel with WeChat payment while bills are generated for enterprises in real time, minimizing risks.

Scientific Refueling Solutions

  • Customized filling stations
  • Intelligently optimized solutions based on real-time updates of refueling prices and routes