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Diverse Products and Services

Diesel, natural gas, motor oil, urea, tire, maintenance and repair, catering and accommodation, purchase/second-hand transaction, finance/insurance

Excellent Quality

Branded products of guaranteed quality

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Truck Maintenance

  • Our app features preferential prices for directly supplied products from manufacturers
  • Pickup at any of our branches along the route at your choice

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  • Mid-long distance tires¥1,270
  • CI-4 oil¥95
  • Diesel filter¥60
  • Antifreeze¥60

Discount ¥93.50


National Service Network

Gas Stations
Repair Shops
Oil Stations
Drivers' Homes
  • Gas Stations
  • Oil Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Repair Shops
  • Drivers' Homes
  • Privileged Services
    for Our Members

    • Rest at designated Drivers' Homes for free
    • Exclusive prices in shopping/repairing
    • Smartphone customization with special plans and rescue services
    • Customized credit cards with discounts at designated stores
    • Various care activities for truckers
    Users of G7 Service
    Mr. WangDongjun Dairy
    G7 Service offers preferential prices in oil and gas refueling, tire changing, and motor oil adding. It saves me about 7,000-8,000 yuan a year.

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