Five-Star Safety Service
Around the Clock

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence cooperate on processing 30,000 risk events every day, lowering the truck accident rate by 50%

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Visualize and Foresee Risks

Monitor the Road

Built-in advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) can not only give drivers collision warnings including insufficient following distance, lane departure, and pedestrian 2.7 seconds in advance, but also automatically upload photos and videos of the accident.

Artificial Intelligence + Natural Intelligence

Dual Safeguard for Truck Security

AI Works 24/7

Processes 10,000+ Risk Events Every Minute

    Tireless Efforts, Limitless Capacity

    Around-the-clock AI safeguards all the trucks within our platform throughout their freight forwarding processes with thousands of risk intervention efforts performed every hour.

    AI Algorithms and Big Data Targeting Truck Freight Scenarios

    We created risk algorithms and models targeting logistics scenarios. Based on data collected from 70,000 customers and 1,400,000 trucks, we are now able to identify hundreds of characteristics featuring people, trucks, and roads to evaluate driving risks. At the same time, those algorithms and models evolve with continuous iterative computing.

Support With Heart & Soul
The Second Safeguard

  • Hundreds of professional safety managers eager to help 24/7
  • Human voice interaction and call reminder
  • Real-time manual risk intervention when a warning from a device is ignored
  • Regular safety report helps fleet captains with fine safety management
  • One-to-one service helps risky truckers improve their driving behaviors

G7 management backend

Safety Status
in Your Palm

  • Daily safety bulletin and regular safety diagnosis report
  • Real-time information of high-risk trucks, load rates, and tire temperature and pressure
  • Free access to video and audio recordings

4.9 / 5.0

  • Safety Rating4.9
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 4.8
  • 5.0

G7 safety rating

Cheaper Insurance
Premium for Safer Fleets

The risks of both truckers and fleets are evaluated based on data categories including driving, operating, management, and risk control. With the rating, fleets can realize long-term risk prediction and fine safety management, while insurance companies can identify risks and set differential prices.

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